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Wellness : how organizing can improve your mood ?

When I founded OBI in March 2020, my ultimate goal was to help people regain control of their lives through organization. As I like to repeat, organization is much more than just beautiful images of well-kept homes or pretty baskets; it's a way of living, a way to fully life! Discover the three main benefits of a more structured lifestyle.

1. Stress reduction

On a daily basis, the things around us can quickly become a source of stress. Piled-up clothes, accumulated mail, and so on! How can organization help you? No, clothes won't fold themselves, and toys won't tidy up on their own. However, by implementing storage systems, you will see a significant reduction in the time allocated to these tasks. Why? Because each item will have its place, its little home, and putting them away will become automatic.

2. More time for what truly matters

Do you sometimes feel like you're lacking time? Do daily tasks prevent you from fully enjoying your free time? If you answered yes to either of these questions, organization can definitely help lighten your daily load. Organization doesn't mean that there won't be any tasks to do; no. Being organized will allow you to do them more efficiently and quickly. Less time spent on tidying up means more time to enjoy life and those around you!

3. Regaining control over your belongings

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the space around you? Over weeks, months, and years, we accumulate a multitude of objects that bring us little or no value, things we simply keep "just in case" or don't even remember owning. Let's take a moment to determine what really matters, what truly adds value to our lives. Why keep a sewing machine that only collects dust in the closet? Why have more than three sets of dishes when we always use the same one? Let's reflect on how our belongings are using OUR space.

Decluttering, sorting, discarding, recycling, and donating are all actions that will help you regain control over your belongings, your space, and ultimately, your life. This purging of objects will also bring you a liberating feeling and provide much more clarity. In fact, when we embark on decluttering our belongings and realize the incredible benefits it brings us, it inspires us to declutter different aspects of our lives, such as our relationships, thoughts, and even emotions.

And remember, organizing is about regaining control of your spaces.

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