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Small Spaces: My 5 Essentials for Maximizing Storage

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough storage space? Even after several decluttering sessions in each room, you still struggle to keep your home organized. Your worries are over: I have the solution for you! Today, in collaboration with Zone Maison, I am sharing my five favourite storage accessories for a more spacious and, most importantly, less cluttered home!

One basket, so many possibilities

When it comes to organization and storage, wicker baskets are a real gold mine! Both trendy and functional, there are so many ways to incorporate them into your decor to keep things tidy. One idea is to use them to store accessories in the entryway. You can put 2 or 3 baskets under a console or small table to stow your outdoor accessories, slippers, bags and more! In addition to reducing visual clutter by keeping your objects out of sight, they add a touch of style to any space.

These baskets are also perfect for storing blankets in the living room! Simply roll up your throws, and in the basket they go! Easy, accessible and visually pleasing—what more could you ask for?

The “5 minute” basket

What’s a “5 minute” basket, you ask? It’s a basket where you gather everything that needs to go to another room. For example, when it comes time to tidy up the house at the end of the day, go around with your “5 minute” basket. What do you do with it? As you go from room to room, put any items that belong somewhere else in your basket and, once you’ve gathered everything, go put it all away! The basket will keep you from having to go back and forth between rooms. Once you’re all done, put the empty basket away and you’re good to go!

For the shoe fanatics

Running out of space for your many pairs of shoes? If so, you absolutely must get your hands on this shoe shelf that can hold not just one, but two pairs of shoes. It’s the perfect storage solution for small spaces that can’t accommodate a traditional shoe rack.

Its minimalist look and small profile make this shelf a must for small entryways or closets. Use it to hold your everyday shoes or boots and free up hall space. No more stumbling over a mountain of shoes every time you come through your door! It’s also small enough to fit on top of your closet to store the rest of your shoe collection!

Gabrielle’s tip:

One of the simplest ways to limit clutter and create the illusion of space is to choose storage solutions that make use of vertical space, like this shelf. By taking advantage of height, you reduce the amount of floor and counter space that is occupied! Even though this shelf is designed to hold shoes, you could also use it in the kitchen to store your dishes, pans or bowls.

Jars that are as beautiful as they are practical

Are your kitchen cabinets overflowing? Are you having trouble seeing what you have or finding space for your latest groceries? Why not opt for some gorgeous glass jars that serve as both storage and decor? Fill them with your pasta or favourite snacks and display them on the counter or a shelf. On top of adding some charm to your kitchen, these beautiful airtight glass containers will help keep your food fresh while giving you some extra cabinet space.

Pro tip: expiration dates

If you choose to store food in one of these jars, remember to write the expiration date on the back or bottom using a dry erase marker or label. This will help you avoid food waste!

No more paper towels taking up counter space

The paper towel holder is a key storage accessory if you’re looking to save space on your countertop. I love using this kind of storage because it’s affordable and doesn’t require any tools to install. This makes it a great solution for apartments and condos and for those who aren’t the handy type! However, you also have the option of mounting it on the backsplash for a custom look.

The paper towel holder is also available in white. In short, no matter which colour you prefer, this accessory will add some style to your kitchen.

Hooks for everyone in the family

Whether you choose to hang them in an empty corner of your entryway or on the back of a door, these flip-down wall hooks are the perfect storage solution for spaces where the closets are too small, too full or simply nonexistent! In the entryway, use them to hang the most frequently worn coats, handbags and backpacks or the reusable grocery bags that are so easy to forget on your way out!

In the bedroom, why not hang tomorrow’s outfits for all your kids? This small step will save you precious minutes in the morning chaos and encourage their learning.

These wall hooks are definitely one of my favourite picks when it comes to maximizing storage space. They are compact and match every decor with their sleek, modern design. They are also very durable, and each hook can support up to 5 lbs. A dark wood version is also available.

In short, even if you have limited space, there are so many affordable, simple and beautiful accessories to free up space and keep things organized. Do you plan to try one of these solutions soon?

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