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September's transformation

Moving into a brand new house is both exciting and nerve-wracking! Emptying the rooms, packing the boxes, moving, and then unpacking—it's no easy task! The transformation of the month is awarded to this incredible project where we helped our clients settle peacefully into their beautiful new home!

After several months of exchanging numerous messages, here is the result!

Kitchen : Before

Kitchen : After

Since my clients are fans of meal prepping, it was imperative to create a storage area for their many meal containers and lunch boxes.

For the dish cabinets, we opted for removable shelves to double the storage space on the top shelves! Additionally, adding transparent plastic bins simplifies the storage of small accessories. Grouped together like this, these small pieces are impossible to lose!

For the pantry, we went for plastic airtight containers! Moreover, by storing small appliances at the bottom of the pantry, we avoid cluttering the countertops. Empty (or nearly empty) countertops give that clean look that we love in the kitchen!

This game and homework area was one of my clients' main requests. Since the children do their homework and have fun on the main floor, creating this storage zone was essential. Once again, transparent bins simplify the storage of different activities by categories.

Here's what my clients had to say:

"I was so happy to work with you; you truly understood my needs and what I was looking for. You have a real talent, a gift, and it's an immense pleasure! You took a huge weight off my shoulders as a full-time working mom with a million projects!" - Johanne, a satisfied client

Why work with us for your next move? We will take care of packing and unpacking the boxes, as well as placing items in your new home. We will also create storage systems that will simplify your new daily life. You'll be settled in just a few days! Moving into your new home should not be a source of stress. Let us help you!

If you're moving soon and would like assistance to simplify your transition from one home to another, don't hesitate to visit the book a free consultation with us.

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